Hudson County

From the entertainment hub of Hoboken to the skyscrapers of Jersey City, Hudson County encompasses all that is great about New Jersey. The city commute via Path Train, Light Rail, NJ Transit Buses and Ferry Rides permits Hudson County residents to enjoy shorter commute time to NYC than most NYC residents. High density residential living, main street retail shops, wrapped around rich tradition and the current explosion of redevelopment makes this one of the most desirable areas in New Jersey right now. Hudson County has truly become an urban work and play town and has recently been described as NYC’s “sixth borough”. This statement has much merit, not only considering the amount of commerce and commuters who cross the Hudson River, but also from a real estate perspective. Jersey City offices originally offered a cheap alternative for NYC’s financial district 20 years ago, and, Hoboken, a place for college kids to live affordably. This is no longer the case as Jersey City and Hoboken have matured and now offer first class office users, HQ alternatives to NYC and a blossoming residential market.

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