Williamsburg is a neighborhood located in Brooklyn (part of Brooklyn Community Board 1), bordering Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick.

Williamsburg is home to a thriving art community and is largely associated with one of its main streets, Bedford Avenue. The neighborhood is a magnet for young people moving to New York City. Prospective residents looking for trendy nightlife and views of Manhattan migrate toward the spacious lofts of the north side, while those seeking more traditional brick apartment buildings and frame houses gravitate toward the south.

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Notable Recent Sales

215 Moore Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206/$28,250,000 Development/Conversion Sites, Williamsburg, New York

204-206 Bedford Avenue/$22,900,000 Development/Conversion Sites, Commercial Buildings, Williamsburg, New York

184-186 Bedford Avenue/$20,675,000 Development/Conversion Sites, Commercial Buildings, Williamsburg, New York

39 Ainslie Street/$7,000,000 Mixed-Use Investment Buildings, Mixed-Use User Buildings, Development/Conversion Sites, Commercial Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Live Plus Income Buildings, Industrial, Special Use, Williamsburg, New York

210 Bedford Avenue Mixed-Use Investment Buildings, Williamsburg, New York

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