Paul J. Massey Jr.

President, New York Investment Sales


Mr. Massey was born in Boston, Massachusetts where he attended Roxbury Latin School. He graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1983.

After graduation, Mr. Massey began his career at Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services in Midtown Manhattan as head of the market research department, then as an investment sales broker.

Together with Partner Robert A. Knakal, whom he met at Coldwell, he founded Massey Knakal Realty Services, the New York metropolitan area’s premier full service brokerage firm. With over 225 employees serving more than 200,000 property owners, Massey Knakal Realty Services was ranked New York’s #1 investment sales firm in volume for the 14th consecutive year by CoStar Group, a national independent tracking agency. With more than $2 billion in annual sales, Massey Knakal was also ranked as one of the nation’s largest privately owned real estate brokerage firms. As CEO of Massey Knakal, Mr. Massey oversaw the direction and growth of the company. He led the development of the firm’s strategic initiatives including geographic expansion as well as the growth of the firm’s service lines. Mr. Massey was also Chair of the firm’s Executive Committee. Additionally, in 2014 alone, Mr. Massey completed numerous transactions with an aggregate value of over $690 million. On December 31, 2014, Cushman & Wakefield acquired Massey Knakal and Mr. Massey was appointed President, New York Investment Sales.

Mr. Massey was honored with the Real Estate Board of New York’s prestigious Louis Smadbeck Memorial Broker Recognition Award in 2007 which honors a broker whose career distinctions include personal and professional integrity, long term leadership and prominence in the brokerage community, and participation on Real Estate Board committees.

Mr. Massey believes in actively giving back to his community. Mr. Massey is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum and sits on the Board of Directors for The New York Pops. He is also Chairman Emeritus of the Board and devoted friend of the James Lenox House Association. In addition to his work in New York, he is also an active board member for his Boston high school, The Roxbury Latin School.

Mr. Massey is an amateur boxer and an avid sailor. He and his wife, Gretchen, have three children; son, Paul III, and daughters, Sarah and Greta. He resides in New York City.


  • Counselors of Real Estate, CRE, Board of Directors
  • The New York Pops, Board of Directors
  • New York University, Schack Institute of Real Estate, Board of Directors
  • Phillips Edison/ARC REIT, Board of Directors
  • The Realty Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors
  • Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Board of Trustees (Chairman)
  • The Roxbury Latin School (Boston, MA), Board of Trustees
  • The National Association of Realtors
  • The National Realty Club of New York
  • New York State Certified Real Estate Instructor
  • Young Mens/Womens Real Estate Association of New York


    First Quarter 2015- A Message from the President
    Until recently, as a smaller regional firm (Massey Knakal), we would only rarely travel for business…most of our clients were in New York (or would regularly come to New York themselves). However, for years we would coach our salespeople to travel to clients (or prospective clients), who were outside New York, any chance they could get. Fortunately, our salespeople are a coachable/competitive bunch. View Article

    Third Quarter 2014 - Message from the CEO
    The other day I was interviewing a candidate who was hoping to head up the Retail Leasing Division at our firm. I asked her if she had discussed her job search with her current boss. She said, “Absolutely not” and then added that if she told him (or he found out) he would fire her and have security escort her from the building. Sadly, this is an all too common reaction. Imagine how productive it would be, for all concerned, if each time an employee were at a significant career inflection point, they could go to their direct supervisor or a high level manager at their own firm to get advice. After all, who would have better perspective or could be a better advocate?View Article

    Message from the CEO
    When I got started in the real estate business, I had this skewed perception that life was a zero-sum game. Therefore, I thought that in order to land a sales assignment I had to beat out or take from a competitor. My outlook was influenced by ignorance. Growing up, everything I knew about business came from watching movies; picture me watching Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” and you’ll get the idea. I thought everything was kill or be killed.View Article

Paul J. Massey Jr.
President, New York Investment Sales
(212) 660 7711
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